Biggest Loser & Achiever Challenge Winners

Monday, 13th March 2017

Each month, we invite all of our members to take on a different gym challenge. The challenges give our customers the opportunity to compete against a set target in order to increase their fitness and help towards their overall goals. The highest achieving performers are rewarded with a number of prizes with each month bringing a new challenge, and a new winner.

The task was set for entrants to lose as much as they could, with a weigh in taking place initially at the beginning of January and a final weigh in taking place at the end of February.

Each time entrants visited their chosen centre and took part in a class, gym session, personal training session, they accumulated a certain amount of points which has resulted in our members winning an array of amazing prizes!

Class = 7 points

Gym = 3 points

Swim = 5 points

PT = 7 points

-1lb = 10 points

Here are our winners for the January/February ‘Biggest Loser & Achiever Challenge’

Pendle Leisure Centre

Steve Sham – Spa Wellness Experience

Pendle Wavelengths

Tony Leather – Meal for two at the Forest in Fence

Charlotte Holt – 1 Month Membership

Emma Ibbetson – 1 Month Membership

Georgina Clarke – Activo Hoodie

West Craven Sports Centre

Joe Sabanskis – Activo T-shirt

Caroline Adamson – Spa Wellness Experience

Would you like to win some amazing prizes like our members above have? Contact your chosen centre here to find out more.