Fitness Targets: Setting (& Keeping) Goals

Friday, 1st December 2017

We want you to achieve your fitness goals as much as you do!

We know that most of our members have family lives and work commitments, but it’s our job to help manage your fitness expectations. Lives are busy and we appreciate that you can’t live in the gym, so it’s vital that you make the most of your time there and, more importantly, enjoy it.

How can we do this? I hear you ask! How can we love the time we spend in the gym?

Make the gym part of your routine:

Don’t be fooled into thinking you have to attend 5 times a week and be a super athlete to enjoy the gym.

At Pendle Leisure Trust, over 95% of our members are people just like you, who can only attend when they have time from their everyday lives. We always encourage our members to make their initial goal to use the gym once a week as a habit.

This helps to make working out a regular habit and remain a part of your life. Anything on top of this (especially during busy periods) is a bonus!

Regular exercise can improve your lifestyle:

We understand that people often struggle with stress, insecurities, career and professional challenges and emotional issues throughout their lifetime, if not several at a time.

The gym is a pressure relief switch for anyone who needs a healthy outlet. The importance of this expansion of personal energy for emotional and physical well-being can’t be over stated.

Plus, regular exercise, whether you prefer the gym or a dip in the pool, helps to improve our well-being, emotional balance and our sense of worth.

Set small goals:

This could be anything from improving your bench press by 3kg a month, swimming an extra couple of lengths or losing a centimetre or two from your waist. Pick targets and goals that you really want to achieve. Taking small steps helps you maintain your goals in the long run. Why not set some goals with friends too, to make your challenge more fun!

Being a member of a gym doesn’t just make you another number, it makes you part of a family of people who are all wanting to make improvements and better their lives. If you have this, you’ll find your excuses fall away, as you have encouragement and support to reach your targets.

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Blog by Gavin Noonan