Pendle Leisure members look the part!

Friday, 21st October 2016

We're dressing our Activo members up as a way of thanking their loyalty!

We're rewarding our most-loyal customers by giving them bright t-shirts with funky gym slogans as a way of acknowledging their continued support and overall devotion to the trust.

Alison Dow, Pendle Wavelengths Assistant Manager, said: “We wanted to thank our loyal members who have stuck with us during the good and the bad and praise them for their continued support. By offering special branded t-shirts, we want to give back a little something that will coincide with their workout sessions.”

Loyal members have already been spotted proudly showing off their new attire during their workouts at all 4 of our centres. The demand has been so great, that we're now creating a wide range of t-shirts and hoodies which will be available for purchase at each site; allowing new members and others wanting to look the part!

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