Real People Real Results - Pastor Ed

Monday, 6th January 2020

I’m Pastor Ed, 55 years old and over the last few months I have lost around 6 and a half stones.

A few years ago, I suffered from a complete burnout due to stress. My health was very bad that even walking up the stairs to use the bathroom left me out of breath. My lack of activities led me to put on a lot of weight to my already overweight body.

My doctor advised me not to go on a diet, but to start eating healthy and do more exercise. So I changed my eating habits - smaller portions, more fruit and vegetables and less fatty foods - and started working out 3 to 4 times a week at the gym at Pendle Wavelength in Nelson - my first full gym membership in 35 years!

I lost 5 stones in the first 5 months and now feel healthier than I’ve felt in years – and I intend to carry on exercising forever and ever, Amen!

The staff at Wavelengths have been so encouraging and helpful, especially during the first few months when I needed it the most – and especially apprentice gym instructor Jack Farnworth, who got me started on my journey.

At the beginning, I would only go to the gym when I knew Jack was on shift because I could do boxing pad work with him, which I enjoyed the most and had a lot of experience with.

But now I have more confidence and have seen the results, there’s no stopping me!