Thursday, 1st February 2018

For a long time Sam Goff was unhappy with her appearance and had little confidence in the way she looked.

At the end of her tether, Sam decided to change her life for the better and turned towards Personal Training sessions at Pendle Leisure Centre with Personal Trainer/Gym Instructor Martin Trickett. 

"I have been attending Personal Training sessions with Martin for approximately 12 months, throughout this time I have witnessed huge improvements with both my physical and mental health.

"With the help of Martin my fitness levels have vastly improved. I can now see a huge difference within my fitness levels during my workout sessions both on the treadmill and on the resistance machines.

"I am also borderline diabetic, but with the help of Martin and his Personal Training sessions, I have managed to both control and reduce my blood sugar levels.

"Throughout my time training at Pendle Leisure Centre I have found the gym team to be very supportive of my goals and sessions, with the help of Martin and the team I am certain that I will be successful in meeting my future targets and I am confident that I am in safe hands.

"Overall I would definitely recommend others to try Personal Training sessions as they have made such a huge difference to my lifestyle. I am thankful of the support from the staff at Pendle Leisure Centre."


                      SAM (BEFORE)                                         SAM (AFTER)                                       MARTIN- PERSONAL TRAINER AT PENDLE LEISURE CENTRE