Why Are Swimming Lessons so Important? Our Top 5 Reasons

Friday, 14th June 2019

June 14th - June 24th 2019 is Drowning Prevention Week, so in our latest blog, we're exploring the benefits of learning to swim and why lessons are so important!

Swimming lessons are a fun way for your child to improve their fitness and meet new friends; however, there are more perks to swimming than boosting their fitness levels.

Although it’s never too late to learn, we recommend your children start swimming lessons while they’re young; not only for the obvious fitness advantage, but because it’s a great chance for them to learn water safety skills.

Water Safety

Preventing drowning is a big benefit of your child learning how to swim. During hot, summer days taking a dip in open water is often enticing; however, it can be really dangerous (even for experienced swimmers). Swimming lessons not only teach your child how to swim, but they’ll learn about the dangers of open water, rescue skills and how to stay safe.

Builds Coordination

Another perk of swimming is that it teaches coordination, balance and posture, which are essential for proper motor development. Research has shown that children who swim regularly from a young age develop fine motor skills and often do better with things like cutting, colouring and drawing.

Improves Confidence

Improving and mastering any skill builds self-confidence, and swimming is one way you can help your child boost their confidence while learning something new. Learning how to swim and achieving certificates and badges gives your child a sense of accomplishment and broadens their skill-set.

Conquering Fears

It’s not uncommon for people to be afraid of water; in fact, many children aren’t keen on going under water. Children are often afraid of the dark because of the unknown, and it’s a common reason for people not liking water too. However, swimming lessons give them a safe way to experience water and learn how it’s done, helping to conquer any fears.

Enhances Social Skills

While learning to swim, your child will pick up other skills as well as swimming lengths of the pool. During lessons they’ll learn how to follow and listen to instructions, take turns and interact with other children of a similar age.

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