7 reasons why women should lift weights

Wednesday, 3rd February 2016

We've all heard the horror stories surrounding women lifting weights...

'Lifting weights will make you bulky.' 'Once you have muscle you can't stop lifting or it will turn to fat.' 'It's bad for your joints.'

The truth? It's all a myth.

Lifting weights will not only give you a stronger body, but a healthier one. Here are seven reasons why you ladies should lift weights as part of your fitness journey:

1. Weight training burns fat during and after exercise. After a hard training session you continue to take in extra oxygen hours, and even days after your workout. This is known as post-exercise oxygen consumption or EPOC - when your body uses more oxygen you burn more calories and your metabolic rate increases.

2. Full range resistance training can improve your flexibility.

3. Your bones become stronger and more dense, helping to battle osteoporosis.

4. You will not bulk! The more of your weight which comes from muscle, rather than fat, the smaller you will be. Body weight often goes up with strength training but your dress size goes down one or two sizes. Plus women only produce about 5 -10% the amount of testosterone men do.

5. Squatting low will strengthen your knees - stronger muscles hold your joints in position.

6. Your performance will improve. Your core will be stronger, helping you to support your body weight better and maintain ideal form and your arms and legs will be more powerful which will help in other exercises such as running. Strength training can actually help you burn more calories during your cardio workouts.

7. You will have a healthier heart. Its not just cardiovascular exercise that is beneficial, a study has shown performing a 45 minute moderate intensity resistance workout lowered a persons blood pressure by 20%.

Written By: Jo Giray (Fitness Instructor)