Connor's journey

Tuesday, 27th September 2016

Over the years, Pendle Leisure Trust has helped thousands of people to not only achieve their goals, but absolutely smash them!

We've helped our members go from body conscious to body confident, from average Dan to Action Man and from burgers and fries to half the size. And the achievements don't stop there, each and every week we see Activo members of all ages achieve their own personal goals.

One of those members is Connor Smith, who joined Pendle Wavelengths wanting to lose weight and increase his confidence. This is his story:

"Pendle Leisure Trust have provided the perfect platform for me to achieve my goals. I wanted to lose weight, and increase muscle mass. The facilities and staff have been fantastic, and have helped me at every stage in my journey so far."

"I am certain that will continue, and now I look forward to many more years of living life as a fitter and more confident individual."

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