Euro 2020 Gym Challenge

Tuesday, 1st June 2021

To celebrate Euro 2020 happening this year - from Friday 11th June to Saturday 31st July 2021 - we're setting all gym-goers a challenge!

Whichever gym you go to - Pendle Wavelengths, West Craven Sports Centre or Pendle Leisure Centre - that's the team you're playing for and as a team, your challenge is to complete as many kilometres on each visit to move the football around the map.

This poster will be up in each gym with a football marker that will move along the map each day. The aim of this challenge is to travel around all the football stadiums before your opponents!

Your team will need to complete a total of 15,741 kilometres. You can use any cardiovascular gym equipment - simply take note of your distances and add them to the form at the gym desk to contribute to your team's total.

The totals will be added daily to move the football marker around the map!