From Burgers and Fries to Half The Size!

Monday, 15th August 2016

At Pendle Leisure Trust, we pride ourselves on not only helping our members achieve their goals, but to smash them in the process! We’ve helped 1000s of real people get real results, helping people go from burgers and fries to half the size, from average Dan to Action Man and body conscious to body confident.

Alwyn joined Pendle Wavelengths 4 years ago, and he’s come a long way in that time. He knew he wanted to make a change and he’s done just that! Originally weighing close to 25 stone, Alwyn has lost half of his body weight and continues to achieve more great results week-on-week.

Alwyn’s incredible journey has recently featured on billboards around Colne, and he hopes that he can inspire more local people to do the same.

Here's his story:

“The staff at Pendle Leisure have been there for me all the way. Providing me with the support and motivation to achieve my goals and more, especially when it came to weight loss and then toning.Here’s his story:

From friendly, helpful staff aiding me to follow my fitness plan and aiding me to adapt this to my needs, along with fellow members encouraging me and providing invaluable support too.

The support from both has in turn given me the self-confidence, will and determination to keep on improving. If anyone else is thinking of making a change too, I’d say that if I can do it, anyone can!”

Would you like to achieve incredible results just like Alwyn? Here’s how you can.


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