How to Get Your Children Exercising Regularly

Monday, 8th October 2018

This summer, the Sport and Recreation Alliance (SRA) launched a campaign to make physical activity a ‘fundamental right’ for all children.

Their #RightToBeActive campaign encouraged parents to join the call for the Government to make exercise/being active a right for every child; and their survey showed 86% percent of people believed parents should take more responsibility when it comes to getting their child active.

We believe that if children enjoy being active, they’re more likely to make exercise a habit as they grow older… but we know it can be a challenge getting them to take part! Here are our top tips to get your youngsters up and active.

1. Find out what motivates them

No child is the same when it comes to exercise. Some are natural athletes, while others may need more encouragement. Give them plenty of chance to get active and find out what they enjoy.

2. Age appropriate activities

The age of your child will determine which sport/activity is best. Pre-schoolers should play actively for several hours daily - running, jumping or dancing are all great ways to help your little ones.

School age is a great time to introduce them to sports. Interest levels and commitment go hand-in-hand with ability, so let them try new things and see what works.

Schoolwork and exams can make it difficult to get teens exercising. Encourage a structured plan and help them however you can - even if it means taxiing them to your local leisure centre!

3. Make it fun

If your child enjoys keeping active, they’re more likely to carry on throughout adulthood. Mix it up, let them try new things and encourage activities at home. Why not invite their friends along too?

4. Be a role model

Lead by example. If your child sees you enjoying exercise, they’re more likely to do it themselves. You could even take part together! From an after-school jog to a family fitness class, there are plenty of options to keep active together.

Pendle Leisure Trust offers a range of sports and leisure activities across its centres that will challenge your child, help them to play within a team, develop their communication skills and, ultimately, have fun!

Visit the Kids Zone section of our website to find out more, or click here to view our fitness timetables, which include Family Fitness classes.