John's Story

Wednesday, 2nd November 2016

At Pendle Leisure Trust, we pride ourselves on not only helping our members achieve their goals, but to smash them in the process! We’ve helped 1000s of real people get real results, helping people go from burgers and fries to half the size, from average Dan to Action Man and body conscious to body confident.

John McCollum joined Pendle Leisure Trust unhappy, fed up and overweight knowing that he wanted to make a change. Kyle Longbottom, Personal Trainer, aided John on his journey:

"John had been a member for a number of years and by his own admission, never really took his fitness seriously. Listening to his desire to make a change, we offered John a 1:1 programme to suit his needs."

Our personal training programmes incorporate an in-depth, structured approach to training which cater to an individual's desired goals. John's goal was to lose weight and become healthier, and the results have been amazing!

Kyle said: "By dedicating himself fully to his programme, and with the full support of our personal trainers - John has lost an amazing 1 and a half stone to date." 

Training 3-4 times per week, John has also achieved his goal of a healthier lifestyle by taking part in Up & Active's Walking Football.

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