Mayor’s Challenge: Half Way Point

Monday, 18th March 2019

Last week the Mayor of Pendle, Councillor James Starkie, reached the half way point of his challenge… and his weight target!

Over the last nine weeks, Councillor Starkie has been attending regular gym sessions to lose weight and improve his fitness in order to take on his personal challenge of climbing Pendle Hill at the end of his Mayoral year in May.

Since January the Mayor has ditched unhealthy food and drink in favour of a new, healthier diet; plus, he’s been hitting the gym with the help of Pendle Leisure Trust’s trainers – who have been putting him through gruelling exercise regimes up to three times a week.

So far, Councillor Starkie has lost an impressive one and a half stones in weight since the beginning of his challenge, meaning he’s exactly half way to his target three stone loss at the mid-point of his challenge.

Gym Manager, Luke Allwood said: “I’ve always been confident that the Mayor could reach his target with a bit of hard work and determination, so it’s great to see he’s hit this milestone at exactly the half way point.”

Councillor Starkie has set himself this challenge in order to raise money to help children of Pendle learn how to swim. His aim is to raise one-thousand pounds to help fund additional swimming lessons for local children who may need extra help learning to swim.

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