Running in Summer: Top 5 Tips for Successful Summer Training

Tuesday, 3rd July 2018

With longer days and warmer weather, running during summer makes a pleasant change from cold, dark evenings.

However, the summer heat brings offers its own set of challenges. When temperatures are high, training is tougher. But don’t let that put you off from lacing up your running shoes, follow our top 5 tips for successful summer training:

Stay hydrated

Staying hydrated should be the top of your priorities when running in summer. Drink water at least an hour before your run, bring a bottle with you (handheld shaped ones are ideal) and keep hydrated once you finish – it’ll stop you from getting dehydrated.


If you’re running outdoors, on the road or on the track, protect your skin from burning with a high-factor SPF and apply sun cream before you head out. Even if there’s a breeze, UV rays can still damage your skin.

Dress for the weather

Dark colours absorb heat, so embrace the sunny weather and dig out your lightest or most colourful gear for your summer runs. Wear moisture-wicking fabrics and avoid cotton, they’re more breathable and don’t hold moisture like cotton does so will help keep you cool.

Try a new route

Instead of your usual routes, try shorter distances. Don’t push yourself to do long-distance runs while temperatures are high, you’ll still get a good workout. Why not try running on the track instead? Although track running doesn’t offer the same variety as road or trail running, there are other facilities available and the chance to top up your water bottle (plus, it’s nice and flat).

Slow down

Don’t worry about gaining a PB in the heat! It’s normal for your run time to be a little slower than usual when the sun is out and temperatures are up. Slow down, take it easy and stop/take a rest if it gets too hot.

If you still want to run in the sun, why not give the track a try at Seedhill AFC in Nelson? (We promise there are no tough hill climbs!) Find out more about Seedhill and its facilities here.