Brand new gym at PLC

Tuesday, 13th December 2016

The gym at Pendle Leisure Centre is getting a complete refurb during the Christmas holidays.

But it will be open in time for people to start their 2017 New Year’s Resolution to get in shape!

Brand new pieces of Gym Gear equipment, featuring all the latest technology, will be installed at the Colne leisure centre, including cardio-vascular and resistance machines, a Tornado Air Bike, a Spartan Functional Training Rig and a Jacobs Ladder, plus specialist rubber flooring throughout the gym.

Alison Goode, Chief Executive of Pendle Leisure Trust, said: “We need to invest in the future for our customers and provide them with the best equipment possible. The Trust logo says we are committed to the health and well-being of our customers and we hope this will go some way to proving it.

“We already pride ourselves on the service we provide, with trained, friendly staff and experienced instructors, but we know we also have to keep up with the times and therefore felt the need to up-date our gym equipment at Pendle Leisure Centre. This is in addition to the refurb we had at Pendle Wavelengths gym this July.”

Luke Allwood, the Trust’s Health and Fitness Manager, added: “This is our way of providing customer loyalty, as well as hoping to entice new people to join us. I hope both our existing members and potential new ones will benefit from this new equipment in a bid to reach their individual fitness goals.

“We want to improve their experience through our unique member journey and provide the best possible equipment we can, which includes a first for gyms in this area – a Jacobs Ladder. Attached to a resistance wire, you have to use your hands and feet to climb a ladder. Working at your own pace, you use all the muscles in your body.

“The Tornado Air Bikes are something else new for Colne and perfect for intense cardio workouts, as well as more gentle workouts and rehabilitation. The unique air resistance provides a total body workout.

“The Training Rig will give us an opportunity to introduce new group classes, as well meaning a few customers can use it at the same time to exercise. The rig features a variety of stations, including an adjustable pulley, a punch bag, medicine ball re-bounder, pivoting Olympic bar and suspension training.

“We are really excited about the refurb and especially being able to offer customers these amazing pieces of kit, bringing us into the 21st Century.”