Pinpoint Training deliver life-saving lessons

Friday, 4th December 2015

Pendle Leisure Trust has been educating parents at a Barrowford Nursery on the dangers of choking.

The Trust’s Training Manager, Karen Bracewell, went along to Barrowford Pre-School Nursery to present a three hour workshop on CPR and choking for adults, juniors and babies.

The nursery staff are already first aid qualified, but they wanted parents to also know the basics. The parents were charged one pound each and asked to like Pinpoint Training’s Facebook page.

The Trust’s Training Manager, Karen Bracewell, said: “The first aid skills that we teach do work and can be so effective in an emergency situation. As a company, we love teaching lifesaving skills because for us, what’s more rewarding than helping to save a life?

“Our Facebook page is used as a tool to educate people on First Aid Training, so if people can’t attend a course, they can ‘like’ us and still gain knowledge.”

Barrowford Pre-School Nursery Manager, Karen Ashworth, said: “As a nursery team we have always found it extremely important to have all staff qualified in first aid, and following a couple of recent incidents, I enquired about the training.

“A member of our staff went to the rescue of a toddler choking on a chip in McDonald’s when the child’s father was panicking and didn't know what to do.

“And a parent experienced her own first aid emergency when her child choked on a sweet. Fortunately she was with someone who had recently attended first aid training at work and could assist.

“I decided it would be a good idea to offer some training to our parents and the take-up on the offer from parents and grandparents, as well as other parents in the local community, was great.

“We had some really positive feedback from the workshop. In fact, it was so good we now have a waiting list should we run it again.”

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