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FeelGood Factory

FeelGood Factory

Crown Way, Albert Road, Colne, BB8 9NP

We recognise that many people would like to, or have been advised to, increase the level of exercise they do, but due to mobility challenges, believe a gym is not for them.

The Feelgood Factory is an exceptional facility that tells them, yes, you can join a gym and you can exercise.

Characterised by its friendly and supportive atmosphere, the Feelgood Factory at Pendle Leisure Centre provides a range of power-assisted machines that offer the right level of resistance for each client’s needs and capabilities. The equipment has been designed for use by anyone, regardless of age, mobility or fitness level. It is perfect for people recovering from a stroke or heart condition, those with multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, ME, arthritis or back pain, or anyone with limited mobility.

Services include:

All members use the same equipment during a pre-defined, 30-minute circuit that exercises all the major muscle groups. Each machine targets specific parts of the body and reduces pressure on areas like the back with pilates-style movements. As the machines are power-assisted, you work with them, not against them, as with conventional gym resistance machines. They can be used actively or passively, depending on your energy level and how much you want to get out of your session.

Managed by professional fitness experts, the Feelgood Factory is an inspirational place filled with sociable chat and laughter. Our members are aged from 16-80 plus and we offer both mixed and ladies-only sessions.

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