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Junior Courses

Junior Courses

One of the greatest things a parent or carer can do for their child is to find a sport/activity they can enjoy.

It helps keep them healthy, gives them goals, promotes self-confidence, and teaches self-control and teamwork. Some children have a passion for sport as soon as they can walk; others take a little longer to find their sport. From gymnastics to football to swimming, our vast and varied range of junior coaching and courses are here to help as many children as possible find their sport. If we can develop their talent, that’s great. If we can also teach them the pleasure of doing sport, that’s even better.


The acrobatics involved in trampolining make it a spectacular sport that should only be delivered safely by qualified instructors.

For children who like to be airborne, we have Trampolining classes. These can deliver the same health and well-being benefits as Gymnastics: balance, coordination, cardiovascular fitness and self-confidence. Because toddlers and bouncing are such a natural combination, we start our Trampolining courses young: with our Pre-School (3 - 5 years) courses. From age 5 upwards, children can come to our General Trampolining classes. All children receive progress cards and will work towards an increasing level of competency which will be rewarded through a badge scheme.


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