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Junior Courses

Junior Courses

One of the greatest things a parent or carer can do for their child is to find a sport/activity they can enjoy. It keeps them healthy, gives them goals, promotes self-confidence and teaches self-control and teamwork. Some children have a passion for sport early on in life; while others can take a little longer. From gymnastics to football to swimming, our varied range of junior activities are here to help as many children as possible find their sport. If we can develop their talent, that’s great. If we can teach them the pleasure of taking part in sport, even better.


Jumping, bouncing... the feeling of weightlessness... the feeling of flying - Trampolining is an exhilarating sport that children love! As well as having fun, at Trampolining classes your child will improve their balance, coordination, cardio fitness and self-confidence as you see them improve and learn new skills. 

If your child loves playing on the trampolining in the garden, why not bring them along to one of our classes? They're delivered by qualified instructors and your little ones can start from pre-school age (3-5years)... toddlers and bouncing are a natural combo after all! From 5 years onward, your child can join our general Trampolining classes. All children who attend will receive progress cards where they'll work through several different levels and be rewarded through a badge scheme.

If your child is ready to learn fun, new skills and become a trampoline gymnast, get in touch with our centres (below) to book their place.


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