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Junior Sessions

Junior Sessions

Pendle Leisure Trust understands the importance of staying active whilst you're young

Getting into a rewarding fitness habit as a child means you are more likely to continue with exercise as part of your routine as you grow up. Keeping this in mind, we have organised the following sessions across our facilities.

Junior Circuits (8 – 15yrs) 

Making full use of the interactive sports wall, as well as the incorporation of various resistance and cardiovascular based exercise stations, this exercise class will improve strength, stamina, speed, suppleness and much more! With the use of free weights, step boxes, balls, bands, ropes, mats, woggles and more, this exercise class will get you fit!

Junior Boxcercise (8 – 15yrs)

Whether you want to pursue a career in boxing or just have fun whilst getting strong and fit, this non-contact boxing class is great for building power, endurance, speed, flexibility and toning. Making full use of a vast amount of exercise equipment, boxing accessories and interactive implementations, this class is great for children and teenagers of all abilities and aspirations!

Active Wall (8 – 15yrs) 

The Interactive Sports Wall is a fantastic implementation of computerised exercise equipment. There are hundreds of games and exercise routines which can be undertaken, regardless of how many participants there are. The Interactive Sports Wall is excellent for improving skills surrounding a vast amount of sports, such as football, tennis, hockey and much more. Be prepared to throw, kick, push, hold and hit a varied amount of objects at the sports wall, to help in enhancing all aspects of health and skill-related fitness.

Inflatable Fun

Are you up for the giant inflatable aqua run challenge? Then you'll need steady nerves to negotiate the obstacles along the inflatable without falling into the water before reaching the final slide for a fun splash back into the pool.

And many more!

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