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Aqua Babies

Aqua Babies

Taking your baby swimming for the first time can be a slightly daunting experience for most parents.

Are they too young? Will they enjoy it? Will the water be too cold? Usually you will have a plethora of questions bounding around you mind, but for the most part, there is nothing to worry about.

Aqua Babies sessions are designed to help introduce your child to the water and build their confidence. All the classes are run by qualified swimming teachers who are on hand to provide assistance and advice. Babies are welcome once they have had their first injections or on the advice of your midwife.

When introducing your baby to the water help to reassure them by smiling, talking and making lots of eye contact. From an early age babies will instinctively move their arms and legs when immersed in water and you can use this to make them familiar with feeling supported and feel the water on their face.

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