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Pendle Leisure Trust follows a structured Tadpole lesson

programme through the ASA Duckling Awards Pathway, As your child reaches pre-school age, it’s important to continue building their water confidence. A child’s first learn-to-swim experience is important in terms of capturing and retaining their interest. Our progressive 10-week Tadpole programme is both challenging and rewarding, and delivered by an ASA qualified teacher.

Our Aim

Development of child’s basic motor skills and an introduction to water and the swimming environment through fun and games.

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Outcomes at the end of each Duckling Stage will be:

Your child's journey through aquatics starts with Duckling awards, a programme for developing early-years water confidence, encouraged through sessions like Tadpole lessons.

At the end of each Duckling stage your child should be able to:

When will the child receive these awards?

Upon achieving the swimming teacher will issue the child with a note of distance achieved. This note will have to be passed on to the reception who will issue a badge and a certificate. Please note that there will additional charges for badges and certificates.

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