Members Journey

Members Journey

​It's one thing to have a goal but it's not always

easy knowing how to achieve it. That's where our Member Journey Programme comes in.

Our aim is to help you achieve your fitness goal with 5 simple and effective steps. When you start to use the gym, a qualified instructor will take you through an induction session including a one-to-one personal fitness programme to get you off to a great start.

As you return for on-going gym sessions, our fitness instructors will be on hand to advise you, offer regular programme updates and provide plenty of motivation to help ensure you don't quit.

All our trainers are fully qualified and here to help you achieve your fitness goals. Whether it’s advice on diet and nutrition, making a change to your fitness programme or just a friendly face to keep you motivated, they are there to help keep you on track.

The Member Journey Programme is FREE to our Activo Members – simply book in with the fitness team at your local centre to get started.

Stage 1: All About You – Getting You Started

At Pendle Leisure Trust, it’s all about you. Our fitness instructors will treat you as an individual and discuss your personal fitness goals to begin developing your programme.

Stage 2: The Personal Touch – Your Personal Fitness Programme

Our qualified fitness trainers will finish designing your bespoke fitness plan, introduce you to it, ensure you feel comfortable with it and motivate you to achieve it.

Stage 3: What else to do – Try Something New

Now you’re on your road to fitness, it’s time to introduce some new elements such as a new exercise class, incorporating swimming into your workouts or trying a new sport. There are endless opportunities within Pendle Leisure and our fitness or reception teams can provide any information you need on available activities.

Stage 4: See the Result – Time for a Change

This is where the fitness team will review the progress you’ve made and identify any areas that need extra or alternative work. Your personal fitness plan will be updated with new exercises added to keep challenging your body and keep you motivated.

Stage 5: Looking Good - Feeling Great!

Start seeing some fantastic results and continue achieving your goals through regular and invigorating exercise. Remember our fitness team is there to encourage you and help maintain your progress.

Come and join us on this journey!

Get in touch with our membership team or call us at one of our centres