About Pendle Body Magic

About Pendle Body Magic

Research shows Pendle Body Magic to be a big success for Slimming World Members.

Last year Pendle Leisure Trust developed a new scheme to attract Slimming World Members into exercise sessions.Along with a similar programme in Southampton these were new and exciting ventures aimed at breaking down barriers to enrolling in exercise classes/activities.

Professor Ken Fox conducted interviews, discussion groups and focus groups with Slimming World Members, Consultants and exercise professionals involved in these innovative schemes.The main strategies were to offer exercise sessions just for Slimming World Members, to encourage Slimming World Members to support each other and bring in new members.The Trusts provided an Activator who spent time in Slimming World groups to provide information and build trust and this same person led the exercise sessions, which were offered with a discount in the local community and leisure centres. Pendle Body Magic’s Activator, Tracey, is proving to be really popular and successful in recruiting and supporting members.

Ken says that the research showed really clearly that many Slimming World members would like to join exercise groups, ranging from Zumba to Boxercise, but are too nervous to try them. The special sessions offered were seen as friendly, supportive, created a feeling of team work and that ‘everyone was in the same boat’ and most important – lots of fun.

Any worries soon disappeared and were replaced by feeling fitter, both mentally and physically, and particularly proud about the achievement.He says that the research was very important in showing that the scheme is very successful in getting people who can really benefit from exercise to join in.Developing a strong partnership between Slimming World and Pendle, having an Activator who could build up trust and support among Members, and breaking down fears and anxieties were the key factors producing success.

Ken wishes to thank all the people who gave their time to contribute to the research, which resulted in a 75 page report and is being written up as an academic paper.Currently, the scheme is being considered for wider delivery Nationally by Slimming World and Sporta who provided some initial funding to get the programme started.

I would also like to offer my thanks to everyone involved and well done to all those who are taking part in the programme.I would also appreciate it if you could do all you can to help it this project grow further.

If you would like any further information on Pendle Body Magic or have any feedback/ideas please let me know,