Timetable & Steps to Success

Timetable & Steps to Success

These steps have been designed to make this journey a success.

Project Activities

Pendle Body Magic activities are spread across Pendle. Whether you live in Nelson, Colne or Barnoldswick there are facilities available for you to take part in these activities.

MonWCSC1.00pm - 1.50pmBoogie Bounce
MonWCSC5.00pm - 5.50pmPilates
MonPLC5.00pm - 5.50pmBoxercise
MonPWL5.30pm - 6.00pmGroup Core
MonPWL6.00pm - 6.40pmSpin
MonPWL7.00pm - 8.00pmGroup Fight***
MonWCSC7.00pm - 7.30pmTeam Core
MonPWL8.00pm - 8.45pmFreestyle H.I.I.T***
MonPLC7.00pm - 7.55pmBoxercise
TuesPWL12.00pm - 1.00pmCore Stability
TuesWCSC4.30pm - 5.15pmPilates
TuesWCSC5.45pm - 6.30pmFreestyle H.I.I.T***
TuesWCSC6.45pm - 7.30pmAqua Fit
TuesWCSC7.00pm - 8.00pmLegs, Bums & Tums
TuesPWL8.00pm - 8.50pmBoxercise
WedPWL10.00am - 10.30amGroup Core
WedPLC11.00am - 12.00pmMarching For Health
12.30pm - 1.30pm
Aquarhythmics (Ladies Only)
WedWCSC7.00pm - 7.45pmPilates
WedWCSC7.00pm - 8.00pm20/20/20
WedWCSC4.45pm - 8.30pmCardio Dance
ThursWCSC9.30am - 10.30amBoogie Bounce Circuits
ThursPWL1.05pm - 2.05pmZumba Toning
ThursPWL2.05pm - 3.05pmPilates
ThursWCSC5.05pm - 5.55pmBoogie Bounce
FriPLC11.00am - 12.00pmAquarhythmics
FriPWL12.10pm - 12.50pmH.I.I.T.
FriWCSC6.00pm - 6.45pmBoot Camp
SunWCSC9.15am - 10.00amFreestyle H.I.I.T***
SunPWL5.00pm - 6.00pmPilates
Mon - FriSAFC4.00pm - 9.00pmGym Optimising
Mon - SunPLC, PWL
Any time during
regular opening
Gym Sessions,
Recreational Swimming
& Personal Training**
Mon - SunPLCAny time during
regular opening
(Booking Required)
Feelgood Factory
(Toning Beds)

PLC: Pendle Leisure Centre, PWL: Pendle Wavelengths, WCSC: West Craven Sports Centre
SAFC: Seedhill Athletics & Fitness Centre,

*All sessions are mainstream activities and must be pre-booked.   ** Personal Training charged at normal rate.   ***High Intensity classes.

Interested in joining?

Get in touch with our team or call us on 01282 661717.