Avoid These Common Weight Loss Mistakes in the New Year

Friday, 5th January 2018

Did you know that the top New Year's resolutions for British people are to eat better and exercise more? 

So, how do you achieve your fitness and weight loss goals for 2018? Focusing on a clean diet and fitness programme is a great start, but avoiding these common beginners' fitness mistakes is key...

Fitness Fails

Too much cardio exercise is a common mistake for beginners. Although cardio (i.e. running and cycling) will help you shift the pounds, it won't give your body that well-defined, toned look. Cardio should be part of your overall routine and not relied on for figure-changing results.

Solution: Although you may think weight training is a bodybuilder’s game, all exercise routines should involve some lifting. Regularly lifting weights sculpts the body and changes its shape, giving you more definition in problem areas such as the stomach. Don't be put off by the sound of 'weight lifting', there are plenty of machines in the gym that will help you achieve results, plus, weight training also gives you the strength to do more in the gym, whether it is cardio or more weights!

Weight Loss Woes

Sticking to the same workout routine is a common mistake among those who start out exercising. Without mixing up your routine, you may find yourself getting bored quickly - increasing your chances of giving up on your new regime. Many people also hope for fast results, but it takes time for weight loss results to show physically. Don't be disheartened if you don't see results within the first few weeks - stick at it!

Solution: Health experts say that those who join a gym in the new year will quit by June. Make sure you're not another statistic by adding a new routine once a week. It is also a good idea to revise your routine every few months. New challenges will help you improve as you get fitter and your body's needs change.

Diet Disasters

Counting calories can be a chore if it is something you're used to. As a result, you many find that you eat more often. Eating several times a day won't speed up your metabolism, nor will it help you achieve your weight loss goals. It has been shown that those who eat three times a day actually burn more fat than those who eat several meals a day.

Solution: Stick to breakfast, lunch and dinner and include different food groups in your diet. Snack on healthy foods such as carrot sticks, nuts or seeds to stave off hunger pangs or boredom. If you're getting the right nutrients, your hunger cravings shouldn't be a problem (although it may take a little time to adjust initially).

Food Fails

A national survey reported by the NHS showed that Brits eat too much sugar, salt and saturated fats. Many people who diet don't include (or exclude) the right foods in their diets. Also, many people don't introduce a new diet gradually, which can make it difficult to adjust. Although you may be eating less, you may still be eating the ‘wrong’ foods.

Solution: Organise a diet plan with your GP or your local gym instructor. This will create a diet full of nutritious fibre, carbohydrates, healthy fats and proteins - all suitable for your body type and fitness goals. Make sure that you include lots of fruit and vegetables to your new diet too, as these contain many vitamins and minerals that the body struggles to make itself.

Avoiding these common mistakes will ensure your body embraces your new regime, putting you on the right tracks to becoming fitter and healthier in 2018.

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Blog by Jennifer Dawson

Photo by patricia serna on Unsplash