Organisational Structure

Organisational Structure

Pendle Leisure Trust is governed by a Board of 16 Trustees who have been selected from customers, staff, professional local residents and elected members representing the three main political parties

They are committed to driving the Trust forward and ensuring that its aims are achieved and reviewed regularly in line with the organisation’s corporate business plan and strategic objectives linked to local, regional and, where appropriate, national strategies

The Trust’s management structure (Finance, HR, Marketing, Development, Administration and Training Sections) is responsible for facilitating the day-to-day operation of facilities and the implementation of community-based programmes and initiatives

The Trust aims:-

Board of Trustees

Mr Bernard Swarbrick – Chairman
Mr Shaqil Ahmed 
Cllr David Albin 
Mr Luke Allwood
Cllr Naeem Ashraf 
Mr James Bateman 
Ms Fiona Callaghan
Ms Leisa Chadwick
Mr Stephen Clamp
Mrs Victoria Dobson 
Mr Martyn Hartley
Cllr Dorothy Lord
Mr Tariq Mahmood
Ms Shakira Musarat
Mr Neil Standage 
Mr Paul Wilson

Trust Management

Alison GoodeChief Executive
Jason WhittakerExecutive Manager Finance
Vanessa KellyExecutive Manager HR
Quammer IqbalOperations Manager
Paul Whittaker Business Development Manager
Sue MadiganPublicity/PR Manager
Chris Rigby Healthy Lifestyles Manager
Fiona Whitty Cultural Development Officer
Beverley Hinnigan Inside Spa Manager
Tony Dodd Muni Theatre Manager
Luke Allwood Health & Fitness Manager
Alison DowCentre Manager: Pendle Wavelengths
Shaun GrantCentre Manager: Pendle Leisure Centre
Sam Bowden Centre Manager: West Craven Sports Centre
Danny Owens Seedhill Athletics and Fitness Centre Supervisor
Kathy Titterton Grant Funding/Administration Manager