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Personal Training

Personal Training

At Pendle Leisure Trust we are dedicated to helping

you achieve your fitness goals - whether you have decided you want to get in shape, train for a specific sport, boost your energy levels, looking ahead to a special day when you want to look your very best or just need some motivational support.

Looking to get your beach body in order or improve your fitness? Then now is the time. Our Personal Trainers will provide you with expert advice, support and a training programme tailored around your goals.

If you have never had a one-to-one with an instructor before, now is the time. You will be given advice, support and a training programme just for you.

You can also split the cost with a friend and train together.

All of our clubs offer Personal Training sessions with fitness professionals who are at least level 3 qualified. Drawing on their expertise, they can help you:

Highly motivated themselves, many of our trainers specialise in specific areas such as:

Whether you prefer one-to-one sessions for personal support and motivation, or group sessions so you can get fit with friends and be inspired by others, we have the package and trainer to suit your needs.

Our personal trainers are available to both Activo members and non-members. 

Are you interested in taking on the personal training?

Get in touch with our membership team or call us at one of our centres

Or contact the trainer directly to make an appointment.