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Family Fitness Classes

Family Fitness Classes

Get fit as a family with our Family Fitness Classes!

Spend some quality time together – whether it’s with parents, grandparents, auntie or uncle, brother or sister – and bond doing sports and exercise as a family. Establish a healthy habit – your children copy everything you do, the good and the bad!.. So lead by example and show them the fun a healthy lifestyle brings

Exercise is a proven way of improving mental health. As a family, you can relieve stress, increase your resilience to life’s challenges and get the feel good hormones flowing, which is just as important for younger people as it is for adults. Laughing as a family feels great - seeing mum get tangled up in a badminton net or watching dad trying to punch a boxing bag will put smiles on faces, get hearts pumping and create some great funny, family memories

Whatever your reason, rally the family – and get fit together!
(Minimum age 8 years – and all children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult)

For details of our Family Fitness session times, please visit:
Pendle Wavelengths
Pendle Leisure Centre
West Craven Sports Centre