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Get Active Schemes

Get Active Schemes

Pendle Leisure Trust - in partnership with Pendle Council - is offering Pendle residents entitled to benefits reduced admission rates at the Trust’s leisure facilities

Who qualifies for the Get Active Pass?

Any permanent Pendle resident paying Council Tax to Pendle Council entitled to one of the following benefits:

Documents required for ALL passes

Any permanent Pendle resident paying Council Tax to Pendle Council entitled to one of the following benefits:

To access the facilities at reduced rates if you are not in receipt of Carers Allowance, you must, in the first instance, register as an unpaid carer with a relevant carers support organisation. To register with a carers Service in your area, ring Carers Lancashire on 0345 6887113 or call Making Space on 01282 657237. You will be issued a letter - which together with proof of your name and address - will entitle you to a Carers Get Active Pass. You must present this on every visit to receive the discount

Who qualifies for the Disability Get Active Pass?

Any permanent Pendle resident paying Council Tax to Pendle Council entitled to one of the following benefits:

A Disability Get Active Pass entitles the holder to free admission to the following facilities during the stated times:

West Craven Sports Centre - Barnoldswick
Gym: normal gym hours
Teen Gym: 3.15pm - 5.30pm
Pool:  Public swim times

Pendle Leisure Centre - Colne
Gym: 2pm - 4pm,  Monday - Friday
Teen Gym: 3.15pm - 5.30pm, Monday - Friday
Pool: Public swim times

Pendle Wavelengths - Nelson
Gym: 9am - 12pm,  Monday - Friday
Junior/Teen Gym: 4pm - 5pm, Monday - Friday
Pool: Public swim times

Seedhill Athletics and Fitness Centre - Nelson
Gym: 4pm - 6pm,  Monday - Friday

Session prices outside the stated times are as follows:


Adult (16yrs+) Price
Gym £3.80
Swimming £3.80
Fitness Class £3.80
Athletics Track £3.80

Senior Price
Gym £2.75
Swimming £2.75
Fitness Class £2.75
Athletics Track £2.75

Junior/Teen Price
Gym £2.75
Swimming £2.75
Fitness Class £2.75
Athletics Track £2.75

Prices are applicable for all centres. Not all activities are available at each centre. Contact the required centre for current timetables and facility information

Terms and conditions

The Get Active Pass is only available to permanent Pendle residents paying Council Tax to Pendle Borough Council

* The pass must only be used by the named card holder, whose photograph must be recorded

* The pass must be presented at Reception to claim the Get Active discount

* Pendle Leisure Trust has the right to refuse admission to any customer to the Trust’s activities and services 

* Pendle Leisure Trust may terminate the Get Active Pass without notice and with immediate effect:
      * If the customer’s conduct (whether or not it is the subject of a complaint by another customer or customers), is such that the Trust deems it may be injurious to the character or interests of the centre, or such that it renders the customer unfit to associate with other centre customers
      * If the customer commits any breach of the Rules and Regulations of the centre 
      * If a customer brings intoxicating liquor, illegal substances or an offensive weapon into the centre
      * If a customer steals or undertakes any other criminal activities within the Trust's facilities
      * If the customer has an ongoing legal dispute pertaining to any matter with Pendle Leisure Trust

* All decisions of the management team under this clause are final and binding

* Pendle Leisure Trust respects the rights of all its customers and staff and will NOT tolerate violent, abusive or intimidating behaviour within its facilities. Persons exhibiting unacceptable behaviour will be asked to leave the premises and Pendle        Leisure Trust will immediately ban you from this and all of the Trust's other facilities

* If the pass holder moves out of Pendle, or they no longer receive a benefit listed, the pass becomes invalid and must be returned

* Get Active Passes are valid for a period of 6 months, after which you will be required to re-apply

* Carers may accompany a disabled person free of charge. However, if they take part in an activity, then a discounted admission price applies (please refer to our ‘Carers Get Active Pass’ leaflet)

* An initial gym induction fee is applicable for customers who have not previously used the gym facilities

These terms and conditions can be changed at any time and without notice

How and When to Apply

Visit your nearest centre for a form. Visit our location section to find your nearest centre

Hand in your completed form at one of our centres. After your application has been approved, you will be informed when your pass will be ready for collection

Get in touch with one of our centres