Our Classes

Our Classes

Getting fitter and living more healthily doesn’t have to mean going to the gym – we have over 100 different classes at our four leisure centres - each giving you a fun and stimulating way to reach your fitness goal in a sociable and supportive environment

We have a huge timetable of classes for everyone – regardless of your age, experience and goals – that covers a whole range of fitness levels; from High Energy and Conditioning to improve strength, balance, flexibility and toning and Dance-based classes, which are amazing fun, full of energy and require no dancing experience; to Holistic classes that are a blend of fitness and relaxation, and being low impact are perfect for older people looking to live a healthier lifestyle, as well as water-based Aqua fitness classes, which are low impact on the body but highly effective and perfect for all ages


Each class is taken by one of Pendle Leisure Trust’s experienced and qualified instructors, meaning you get quality training sessions and support throughout your class

None of the classes are a competition. Everyone is there for a good time and to help each other get the most from the class, and having people around you working hard will only push you further than you might push yourself if training alone!

Sessions are creative and varied, meaning from one week to the next you are walking into a new challenge and something you may not have experienced before. This is a great way to keep motivation high and certainly beats spending time on a treadmill!

You will be encouraged to go at your own pace, so you won’t be put off by the idea that everyone else will be ‘better’ or fitter than you. Everyone works hard, but everybody works to their own levels of capability and fitness. So whether you’re semi-professional triathlete or just starting your fitness journey, you’ll get a work out that’s perfect for you

In a bid to reach your goals, all our sessions are carefully crafted by our knowledgeable and passionate instructors; meaning you are challenged and developed in a way that might not happen if you train solo in a gym

One of the massive benefits of booking on to a class rather than using the gym is that it then becomes an appointment for you to attend. Rather than ‘hoping to get to the gym’, you now have a class to attend and physiologically that can be a huge difference - especially on those days when perhaps you need that bit of extra encouragement to get exercising!