Benefits of Swimming: Less Pressure, Less Pain

Wednesday, 19th June 2019

We can’t round up our blog series without addressing one of swimming’s biggest perks – low impact exercise!

There are lots of perks that come with regular swimming and so far in this blog series, we’ve explored how swimming can help you tone up and gain muscle strength, lose weight and improve your flexibility, and how it can bust stress and help you sleep better.

But one of the biggest things that swimming is known for is its low-impact nature.

This is where swimming can run rings around other exercises, such as running.

Swimming works the muscles in your body from top to bottom without harsh impact on your joints and ligaments. Working out in the gym, for example, uses our body weight and bone strength and may lead to your joints getting a little rusty.

In the water, you don’t use either – any resistance you feel comes from the water itself.

So, if you have any joint problems or issues with arthritis, swimming could be a perfect exercise option for you.

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