#BenToBen Challenge - The journey reaches new heights!

Tuesday, 22nd March 2016

For the last few weeks and months a lot of my training has involved freezing rain, strong winds and generally miserable conditions.

Last week my conditions changed to snow and ice, beautiful clear blue skies and freezing temperatures. For most people going on a group skiing holiday would involve skiing all day followed by plenty of Après ski (drinking). My days consisted of getting up early to go for a run in the snow for an hour and then out on the slopes all day. (I did join in with the Après ski but did it sensibly!)

As you can imagine, running in the French Alpes is not flat with a lot of hills to take on in the amazing, fresh mountain air. After a week of snowboarding for 7 hours a day, you can imagine how tired my legs were. With a marathon training plan to keep up with I had a 15 mile run to do the day after I got home. I felt great up to about 12 miles but then the week took its toll...

This week I can get back to my normal training routine of 6 sessions per week. Most sessions are spent outside running or cycling with at least 2 gym sessions in the week. My rest day is generally after my long run of the week.

In next week’s blog I will go in to more detail about what my training consists of.

By John Bannister, Exercise Consultant


You can also follow John’s training progress – and the challenge itself – through his regular blog updates on our website.