From Average Dan to Action Man

Thursday, 18th August 2016

At Pendle Leisure Trust, we pride ourselves on not only helping our members achieve their goals, but to smash them in the process! We’ve helped 1000s of real people get real results, helping people go from burgers and fries to half the size, from average Dan to Action Man and body conscious to body confident.

Tony joined Pendle Leisure Centre 5 years ago, and he’s come a long way in that time. Diagnosed with depression and with weight piling on, Tony decided to make a positive change.

Here’s his story:

“I was actually overweight and was diagnosed with depression. I hit a big downward spiral, eating a lot and doing nothing.”

Tony always wanted to lead a healthier and more active lifestyle and with this vision in mind, he has gone on to achieve some incredible feats. Tony recently took part in the incredible Ben-To-Ben challenge with Pendle Leisure Trust’s John Bannister. The duo went to great lengths for charity; cycling, climbing and running their way from Ben Nevis to London via 750 miles of cycling and the gargantuan task of climbing Mount Snowdon! And what’s more, they did it all in a week…

“I’m a lot lighter and fitter than I’ve ever been. I can do all the things I should be able to do and more. I’ve had loads of support and now I feel absolutely fantastic!”

Would you like to feel fantastic just like Tony? Here’s how you can.


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