Wednesday, 15th August 2018

Linda’s story

When I retired in April 2017 I started attending the gym more and took advantage of the free monthly personal training sessions one of the benefits of my membership. Fiona was very encouraging and I enjoyed all of the sessions we did. I knew as I got older I needed to keep fit and try to keep my weight in check as this has been a problem all my adult life.

As the year progressed and my fitness improved, I was telling Fiona about how inspired I was at the training my son-in-law was putting in with his running and that he was taking part in the York Marathon in October. I had done a little bit of running in 2015 when I took part in the C25k programme, I had completed the challenge but didn’t partially enjoy it nor did I continue at the end of the sessions. I told Fiona I would like to try again and she encouraged me to do so.

She set me a programme on the treadmill and we took things slowly. I can’t say I enjoyed it to begin with, but I started to feel accomplished as the weeks went on and I was able to run for longer. Eventually I felt confident enough to enter the Blackpool 5k in April 2018 and this was now my goal.

As the months progressed, I began to train on the track at Seedhill twice a week. For Wavelengths’ March Gym Challenge, there was an organised 5k run at Seedhill which I was able to complete in 37.07. My aim was to better this in Blackpool the following month – and Fiona set me a challenge of trying to complete it in under 35 minutes. I finished in 35:53 and was delighted.

To my surprise I was back running the following week and I have now entered the Wigan 10k in September. I think I have got the running bug. I can’t say I enjoy it all the time because I am still pushing myself, and that is hard, but I am determined to complete the 10k.

It will be 10 years next year since I attempted that distance and at 62, age is not on my side. Who would ever have thought it?!


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