Friday, 14th December 2018


In January this year I made myself a goal to challenge my body and mind further.

First, I set myself a target to complete a half marathon. I got Pendle Wavelengths gym instructor and personal trainer Danny Owens to put a training plan together and changed my diet accordingly. I dropped over a stone in weight to make sure I could run for such a distance. It was hard, but worth the effort.

Then I took part in a Midnight Walk and after that I needed to bulk back up to compete in a Gravy Wrestling Competition for charity. For this, gym instructor and personal trainer Gavin Noonan set me a training programme, which meant moving away from mainly cardio workouts to heavy weight-training with a 10-15 minute HIIT workout at the end of each session for cardio.

Mentally, I’ve never been in a better place and I truly believe I could achieve anything I want.

I would like to thank the gym team at Pendle Wavelengths for all their support and all the fantastic people who train there.