Tuesday, 1st August 2017

For a long time Tara Day was unhappy with her appearance and had little confidence in the way she looked.

“I used to think I could eat and love life without exercising. But, weighing just over 17st 2lb and at a size 24, I was devastated when a friend took me for a run and after just 10 steps I couldn't breathe!

“I was so unfit, I couldn't even go to the top of the stairs without having to use an inhaler.

“With the help of the amazing instructors at Pendle Wavelengths, I have managed to do a complete U-turn. I no longer need an inhaler when I get to the top of the stairs; I regularly attend the gym and classes and I regularly run at least 7kms during the week.

“I have enjoyed every single one of my personal training sessions and can’t thank the instructors enough for their time and patience, ensuring I am exercising and eating healthily.

“I am now 6st lighter, and although I’ve still got a bit of work to do, I know I will get there. I hated wearing my gym clothes when I first started, but I don't anymore! I thrive off being the best I can be and seeing if I can push my body that bit further.”