Welcome To The Good Life

Wednesday, 1st June 2016

Spring is in full swing here at The Good Life Project. The plants are appearing in swathes, creating a colourful, visual treat. A perfect backdrop for the relaunched art and craft sessions held here every Wednesday.

As an artist I appreciate natural environments and the expanse of colours, shapes and textures that can be found. And as a teacher I know just how relaxing and fun creating art and crafting can be as you become absorbed in the process of creation, making decisions about which materials or colours to use to best express yourself and what you are wanting to make.

A study by The Arts Council England shows that people who regularly engage in arts and culture are almost 60 per cent more likely to report good health than those who do not.

Allowing oneself the time and space to engage in pleasurable pursuits shows a level of self-care and an awareness for your own wellbeing.

There is also significant social impact as joining in arts and craft sessions encourages social interaction, helping to reduce loneliness and alleviating anxiety and depression.

We started the sessions of a few weeks ago by creating mood boards and collages about what The Good Life Project means to the people who attend. The main reason for this was to encourage people to reflect upon why they like to come along, how it benefits them and how it makes them feel. As you can see from the colourful photographs, the project certainly does enrich lives.

In the coming weeks the craft sessions will focus on using this beautiful artwork to make craft items to sell at our events. That way we can spread the benefits of The Good Life Project further by injecting vibrant bursts of colour and art into other people’s lives.

If you or someone you know would like to get involved at The Good Life Project, whether for arts and crafts or horticulture, then please get in touch.

By Dawn Beedell, Support Worker