Arts for Well-being

Wednesday, 12th January 2022

Pendle Leisure Trust is inviting you to Make Stuff. Make Friends. Make Life Better.

The Arts for Well-being course has been created to help anyone suffering from mental or physical health related issues.

Through drawing, painting, sculpting, photography, textiles, ceramics and more, we want to help anyone who feels they want to improve their overall well-being and happiness by harnessing the proven positive effects of creative arts.

Pendle Leisure Trust’s Cultural Development Manager, Fiona Whitty, said: “You don't need to be a good artist already, it's not about that. It's about having fun, meeting people and seeing what talents you might not yet have unearthed.

“Sessions are open to anyone aged over 18 and they take place once a week at various locations in Brierfield, Nelson and Colne.

“If you feel these sessions could help you, please come and join us – they will be good for your well-being, get you out of the house and in to the local community, help you meet new friends and learn skills from local talented artists.”

You are welcome to self-refer by filling out his form -  Arts on Prescription Referral Form PLT NEW.DOCX

Or for further details and assistance with getting on to the programme, please contact:

Lauren Jackson  - Project Co-ordinator

01282 661529